Why participate?

Did you ever spend minutes or even hours trying to re-find a specific page? Do you want your Web browser to be smarter than just recommending the last visited pages or just showing you a list that you have to dig through yourself?

So do we. And it is easy for you to help if you are a regular user of Firefox: just send us your anonymized Web history.
  • all it takes is just a small download and a couple of minutes of your time
  • there are no privacy concerns: no ip address or user name, and no Web addresses or sites will be sent (you can check that for yourself before sending)
  • after having contributed the data, you can simply deinstall the plugin (or keep it installed and submit again after about three months)
The data that we you submit to the Firefox Web History Repository Project is totally anonymized. No user identity is submitted nor the ip address. All the sensitive data - urls, titles and site names - are encripted and converted to globally unique identifiers (GUID).

This is what the data to be submitted looks like:

Ready to contribute? Then please follow the instructions on this page. Thanks a lot!