Thank you for contributing to the Firefox Web History Repository. The repository enables programmers and researchers to create new ideas and tools for you.

Contributing is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Just follow these steps:
  • Open the Web History Repository page at (click on the link to download)
  • Click on Add to Firefox
    Confirm that you want to install the add-on by clicking on 'Add Now'
  • Restart Firefox
  • Upon restarting a popup window will appear (if not, open it via the menu Tools - Web History Repository - Send Now ...)
  • You can choose to contribute immediately (click 'Send now') or to be reminded the next time that you start Firefox
The data you will submit to the Firefox Web History Repository Project is totally anonymized. No user identity is submitted nor the ip address. All the sensitive data - urls, titles and site names - are encrypted and converted to globally unique identifiers (GUID).

The add-on does not track data - your anonymized data will only be sent once you click on the 'Send now' button yourself.

After having contributed the data, you can simply deinstall the add-on (or keep it installed and submit again after about three months).